10th January

Reg was able to attend the Past Captains meeting on the 8th using the Zoom facility and now reports:

Today has seen a significant change in my right leg and it now feels somewhat stronger.Not Saints suitable yet but coming on.
Left hand typing is also progressing and I can now compose a message in reasonable time.
June is doing a magnificent job but is not getting enough sleep.She controls the Carers with good humour and ensures my every want is met  .
Hope to participate in all your Zoom events.

28th December

Reg reports by email:

just perfecting lft hand typing…it gets easier by by the day.
Still have leg weakness and dizziness but it’s  early days

20th December

Reg was discharged from hospital today and will now be able to enjoy Christmas at home.


14th December

June reports that Reg has progressed with his speech therapy to the satisfaction of his speech therapist and been discharged from that part of his recovery plan.

He continues to receive physiotherapy and completed 30 minutes walking yesterday.

At this time there is no indication of when he might be discharged.

On the 11th Dec. Reg sent out the following signal from his iPad;

Sending with one hand is loads of fun but one liable to make mistakes!
If anyone knows of a computer writing stick that works very reasonably please let me know
Meantime….keep hale and hearty ….this stroke caper is not much fun

6th December 2021

Captain Reg Kelso, President of the Club, suffered a stroke, following a fall at his home on the morning of Saturday 27th November. He was admitted into the Hyper Acute Stroke Ward at Southampton General Hospital and after assessment and an MRI scan he was awarded four out of five which is considered quite good.

He was able to send out a signal from his bed, via his iPhone: “Gentlemen.  In hospital following a stroke. – may be a longish stay !”, another encouraging sign.

The stroke was on the left side of the brain and has affected his right side.

He was moved to the Rehab Ward F8 at Southampton General on Wednesday 1st December where he is receiving both speech and physio therapy. 

He was quite overwhelmed by all the messages they have received and he and June send their thanks to everybody but it just isn’t possible for Reg to respond at the moment although he is able to read his emails.