On 15th February 1928, twenty one Master Mariners, all square rigged sailors met in Royal Mail House, Southampton, UK, and formed the Southampton Master Mariners’ Club

The motto “In Omnia Paratus” (in all things ready and prepared) was chosen.

The secondary title “The Cachalots” was adopted on the suggestion of Frank Bullen, a Master Mariner and writer of stories of the days of sail.”The Cachalot whale had the thickest skin, blew the hardest and spouted the most!”

The club badge was designed by Laurence Pritchard, an artist friend of Reg Gleave OBE ( the Club’s first Hon. Recorder who was present at the inaugural meeting) and he also executed the beautiful illuminated Certificate formerly presented to Stowaways, the first of whom were the Rt Rev F T Woods, Lord Bishop of Winchester, and Admiral of the Fleet, Earl Jellicoe of Scapa.

The Club presently has approximately 320 Cachalot Members and is now based at the Royal British Legion Club in Southampton, where we have office facilities and a meeting room.

The Cachalots

c/o Southampton Royal British Legion Club, Eastgate Street, Southampton, SO14 3HB

Tel 023 8022 6155

Email: office@cachalots.org.uk