The Club Room has been used for a number of years now as a collection point for milk bottle tops. These are taken away, filtered for things that should not be included, and taken to a collection point, currently in Dibden Purlieu, from where a kind volunteer takes them by the car load to a recycling firm in Eastleigh where they are turned into pellets that go into the manufacture of items such as traffic bollards and traffic cones. The recycling firm weighs the incoming tops and for a given weight makes a donation to the Gift of Sight charity.

 The recycling firm only requires the standard size plastic milk bottle tops, because the quality of the plastic is vital for the recycling process. Anything else such as fruit bottle tops are of a different quality and would therefore contaminate the recycling process. During filtering unsuitable items such as ring pulls, metal beer bottle tops, batteries, foil seals from milk bottles, and tops contaminated with oil are often found, which means that everything has to be checked or the recycling plant will just reject all of it and will not be making donations for them. Many members are bringing in bags of bottle tops, which remain very welcome, but it would be most appreciated if they will ensure that other items are not included. Apart from anything else, the filtering process often results in dirty hands from the items that should not be there. The co-operation of members making bottle top donations would be much appreciated to ensure the efforts of volunteers can result in the maximum income to the charity.