These are the collected obituaries that have appeared in The Cachalot  to date, latest at the top

Henry Forse

Peter Sara

Richard  Olden

Gerry Cartwright

Tony Brindle

Rupert Best

Bob Seago

Leslie Street

Eddie Hunter

Tony Ireland

Ivan Downer

Roger Keyzor

Paul Moodie

Larry Corner

Peter Morgan

Anne Cartwright

Derric Webster

Mike Godfrey

Gerry Pugh

Allan McDowall

Reg Pretty

Denis Gore

Ross Mortimer

Edmund Phelps OBE

Brian O’Connor

Joseph Ireland

John Neal

Sam Household

Hamish Roberts

Keith Edwards

John Moffat

Harvey Smith

Mike Robins

Terry Winsborough (Obituary and Eulogy)

Paddy O’Sullivan

David Carr

Peter Marriott

Rear Admiral Sir Morgan Morgan-Giles

Peter Stead

David Rule

Gerry Dalton

John Smart

Peter Fost

Gordon Renshawe

Sir Julian Oswald

Frank Greyer

Alan Gravestock

Mike Plumridge

Peter WR Smith

George Gifford

Tony Lee

Paul Davies

Frank Murphy

Richard Bayley

Ron Anteney

Eric Plowman

David Pope

Eddie Kirton

Peter Jackson

Tony Pellow

Peter Powell

Peter Love

Andy Chalmers

Alistair Cant

Sir Anthony Morton

Nigel Hunt

Robbie Robertson

Hans Juelsdorf

Walter Weyndling