The Cachalot was first produced in June 2001 as a four page newsletter intended to keep members abreast of club functions and activities and informed as to what the Captain was getting up to in their name.

It is now a 16 page quarterly journal containing, in addition to the above, articles and memoirs written or contributed by Cachalots.

Editorial policy has been to try and keep it that way rather than recycle content that can be found in other nautical publications. We are, however, not adverse to including such items that take our fancy and we think might take that of our readers.

The Cachalot, as printed and distributed to members, is now posted in the members only section, together with the previous editions.

Articles which have appeared in those editions and which may appeal to a wider audience are reproduced here, in no particular order other than the latest are nearer the top.

The list will be populated and updated as time permits.

Feel free to pass them on, but if you do then please give us a mention.

This page was last updated on: December 2nd 2023

Sea Pie Supper 23 report

A Criminal Pilotage Investigation

The Yellow Flag Bible

Clan Maclachen, story of a stormy diversion on her last B&C trip

Travels through time and space

A Harpoon and the Nova Zembla

Mr. Mayor, the Admiral of the Port

Army versus Navy

Southampton & the D Day Landings

Days of Yore – Part 2

A Shipyard Apprenticeship Part Four

A Shipyard Apprenticeship Part Three

A Shipyard Apprenticeship Part Two

A Shipyard Apprenticeship Part One

Days of Yore – Part 1

Reflections on Life

A Short Voyage on a Square Rigger

Worcester Memories

Seafarers’ Friend

Lost vessels and saved treasure


Strick Line – Part 1

Strick Line – Part2

Guiding Light

Misplaced Scepticism


Neptune’s Prefabs – the TIDs, CHANTs and Fabrics

A Gift to Cherish

Mariner’s Wharf

Union Castle Line 40 th Anniverary of the last Mailship

A Bumpy Ride for Lumpy Ore

Daddy’s ( or Mummy’s ) Yacht

Expedition Sailing at the School of Navigation

Just a Thought

A Salvor’s Lot Part IV

Disputed Territories

MV INDUS, Voyage 13

The story of S.S.Mendi

The Cachalots and the Mendi Memorials

A Salvor’s Lot – Part III

MN Memorial at Weymouth

Caveat Radar

Marriages at Sea

The Development of Navigational Instruments

A Salvor’s Lot – Part II

Autonomous Ships – Fact or Fiction

Probs with Props

A Salvor’s Lot Part I

Did anyone order a pizza

Under the Sun

My First Ship

Prelude (To the Battle of the Atlantic)

South Georgia Salvage

First Tripper

Hours of Rest

The Southern Song Shipwreck

A Pre-War Cruise

My First Trip

Lest We Forget

The Innovators

Salvage-industry veteran Noble calls for rethink of LOF contract

Let your Light so shine before men

Samuel Plimsoll

High level answers needed

The Shantyman’s Chorus

The Ultimate Nightmare

Lack of a UK Marine Salvage Capability

Hoegh Osaka

The Salvage of the S.S. Great Britain – The Voyage Home

A Shipboard Christmas

The Salvage of the S.S. Great Britain – 1

How the Press Saw it

A Sailors lot is not always a happy one.

The Suffolk Golding Mission, A Considerable Service.

The October 15th 1987 Hurricane

The Night of the Big Storm

Leopards on the Loose

Piracy – West Africa running riot

Dredgings from the fast-failing memory of Electrical Superintendent Eddie Hunter


Then and Now

Dit Dit Dah Dit Dit Dit Dah Dit Dit Dit Dah Dit Dit Dit Dah Dit

More Dredgings – The Fire Course

More Dredgings – The Stewardess’s Bunk

Another Iceberg – more innocent victims

Forty Years On

The Voyage of the British Tanker HOPEMOUNT in 1942

The Dredger

Changed Days

An Ill Wind

Out of the Box

Somalian Piracy, An Insight

Combatting Piracy

What have you touched, Second

The Western Ocean

BTCC and Arrival Procedures

Hampshire Royalists at the Royal Wedding

Daddys Coming Home

Waypoints of a Previous Age

The Birth of Naval Aviation

Dibden Bay deadlock – a way ahead

One Volunteer is worth….

Southampton Shipowners Association – The Cachalots

From Sail to Sat-Nav

M.V. Bonsella

Shark-fishing in East Africa

A Tanker Tale


The Battle of SC94

HMS Orchis.

Very First trip

Another Steam Crane

Goodbye, Calcutta

B.I. Dumra tale


A Tale of Two Coquets

The Case of Capt. Fryatt in the Great War

Then, Now & the Future

A Cachalot Outing

Jack in Dock

Early Marine Automation

History of the Club.

Shipping Festival Scenes 2008

Cruising – Tony Davis – Shantyman

An everyday story of seafaring life

Three Queens and some Southampton History

A ship, two dreams and a coincidence

Departure Time, 1300 hours, Friday

The Day the Bottle Didn’t Break

For Valour (2)

Isle of Wight Pilotage District

Last Voyage of the S.S.Clan Alpine

History of the Liberty Ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien

Safe Speed

R.R.S. James Cook

A Letter Home

For Valour (1)

Southampton’s Maritime Memorials

Newest Titanic Memorial in Southampton

A Long Wait

From Sail to Steam, Ian Thomson’s Forebears

Harnessing the Wind

To the Distant Shores of the Falkland Islands

Escort Towage in Southampton

Here there be Monsters

The Red Sea 1953

Navigating through the Centuries

The Voyage of HMS Cook, March’57-Aug ’58

The Voyage of Vengeance

The Way Ahead


Captain James Goodridge and the Mail Packet “Wonder”

William John Hayes

Day Tripping

1835 and all that…

Shieldhall Summer Diary

Holy Commotion

City of Windsor

Your own Special Agent

Last Voyage of HMS Fox

Tales from the Orient